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Secrets to a Better Lifestyle

One reason I left my previous job is that I understood that as long as I worked for someone else or  corporate America, I wouldn’t be able to live the lifestyle that I desired for myself and my family. We only have one life to live and it passes quickly.  We can either sit back…

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Positive energy

News got you down? Be the Change! 10 Ways to Spread Positive Energy

I don’t watch news that often, but I did see some today and it is sad to see some of the things that are going on in the world and the pain and the hurt that is out there.  I really do feel bad for those that are suffering. But there is a reason that…

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11 Ways to cultivate gratefulness in your life

If asked, I bet you would rather be known as a grateful person instead of an ungrateful person.  There is an attraction to people who are quick to be grateful. In fact there are some in-depth studies show that gratefulness has some major impacts on quality of life, such as an overall higher sense of happiness…

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The Next Mistake Many Tax Payers Make

Too often I see these same mistakes repeated, and with many families still trying to recover from the bad economy this is URGENT to know   Big Mistake #3: Going with A CPA That Can’t Stop Using “Lingo”…Who Doesn’t Relate To YOU! You might not know it, but many CPAs and other tax professionals live…

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Income Tax Return Preparer

The Wrong Type of Tax Preparer (Mistake 2 of 6)

Last time I told you the first big mistake that many taxpayers make:  “Doing it Yourself” using “Free” Online Tax Preparation Software.   Here’s Mistake #2 Mistake #2 Choosing a Tax Preparer Who is NOT a Professional in the Type of Tax Services You Want Sadly the way that most tax professionals and accounting firms present…

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6 Mistakes Taxpayers Make That Can Cost You Thousands

Guess what? The Federal government is gladly holding onto hundreds of millions of dollars of YOUR unclaimed refunds. As a tax pro it really hurts me. I know that a couple of thousand or even hundred dollars to “regular people” like you and me can be a big help. And yet because of fear so…

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The Power of Words

The Power of Words – Are you your worst enemy or your greatest asset

The words you use are both good and bad for yourself and those around you. We can be our own worst enemy without even knowing it. But know that you can change your life just by how you speak, and today a friend reminded me of this. What You Think and Say, Becomes Reality Every…

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Black Friday is Over and Cyber Monday is Here

Today is officially Cyber Monday, although with the change over the years it has less pull then it once did. So much more shopping is done online now days that Black Friday starts early and just continues on for a week or more. But the good news for the consumer is that you can still…

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who to trust with money

Who should I trust with my money? Differences between Brokers, Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), and going it alone.

Having been in the financial industry for years and specifically helping people with their taxes and tax planning I get all sorts of questions regarding what people should do with their money, where should they be saving it, who should they trust with it. Everyone’s situation is different and so while there are some basic…

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Why Friends and Family Members Do Not Support the New You

Once you decide to make radical changes and make a real go of a home based business, you will often come across road blocks and discouragement from those who you would expect to be your biggest supporters, your friends and family.  These, often times are the people who gossip behind your back and think you are…

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